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Example: Antique bronze and light blue of lapiz lazuli in square box shape.

The idea coming from a white coral I found on the beach of North Bali. Then I play with powder scrap of wax carving. Melt it using wax solder, forming it on a tube shape of 150 grams paper, previously smeared with baby oil. Baby oil to avoid sticky.

there are more than 100 components I made, casted with antique bronze material. Look at the following examples, which I've been selling in my gallery.

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In the past my company is 50% foreign - in collaboration working with American citizens. Indonesian law prohibits foreign investment company, a joint venture, to have a retail store in the country. Then I bought his share and in 2013, I started building a retail gallery at Denpasar, Bali. I love the traditional and modern art. Designing is my second life after spiritual. So if you go to Bali please come to my showroom that I designed with simple, modern and spiritual aroma coupled with a nuance of feng shui.

Various jewelry designs are not sale through my web store because the model I carved them self, unique and it was one of a kind model. I have customers who always bought my unique product, are assembled from unique objects that I find in nature Bali. It was popular with 'found objet jewelry'. I bought a book from and had inspired me. I spent hours of a day look as homeless, hunting on the road, beach, forest, many places in Bali, Java's and arround of South East Asia.

I am pleased and happy with my life-style art. Slightly eccentric and kind of dumb at first. But these ways gives me a lot of inspiration to be creative. For example, I eventually carve its own components to be combined with found objects. I love the traditional, modern and ontemporary art, are free to be creative, do not have to be limited whether my creations for business products or art and pleasure. Lucky, they always can be sold.

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3D Jewelry Design 3D Jewelry Designs Services
In the past, I love designing jewelry with pencil and paper and seem very traditional, but in silver jewelry business customers need more services, hand carving is limited, finally I bought Solidscape 3D wax printer and hire some computer designers to transfer my drawing. Service only for custom order customers.
Gemstones Set on My Silver Jewelry
All the gemstones I use are real and of high quality. The only synthetic stones I use are Cubic Zirconium (CZ) which does not exist in a natural state. We import our gemstones from Bangkok, Thailand and Hongkong.

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