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Gold over silver jewelry
I have designs want to custom orders. What to do? Klick here for more informations regarding your drawings or sketches.
Do you guarantee my designs are protected? We do not sell it to anyone else.


  1. Simple design will carved in wax, the cost starts at US$____, includes the costs of making the production mold, this charge is one time only per item or component.
  2. Complex design will using 3D software. The cost starts at US$____, includes the costs of making the production mold, this charge is one time only per item or component.
  3. If you supply us a 3D design ready to print in 3D printer, the cost starts as low as US$____ includes the costs of making the production mold, this charge is one time only per item or component.
  4. If you supply us with a useable prototype or sample that can be used to make the mold, you only pay for the production mold. The cost starts as low as US$____. Contact my office for prices,

If you can supply a useable production mold there are no set up charges.


Production are based on three factors.

  1. The cost of the silver, per gram, based on the daily rate here in Bali, Indonesia on the day we receive your order. This will change depending on the market value of silver.
  2. A fixed production charge starting as low as $___ per gram. Once we know this charge it will remain the same regardless of the silver price.
  3. Gemstones, findings and other items that may be used and are not produced by us are added on separately. If you supply these to us there is no additional charge.

Production charged starting as low as $___ per gram (including material).Prices change when material brass / bronze, with the extreme rise in price.

Production charges vary depending on the size and weight of an item. Two pieces could be the same size but different in weight. In this case the lighter piece will have a higher production charge.

Casting is not an exact science. Weights of any given item will vary slightly and as the mold gets used more the weight usually goes up a bit.
Discounts from the production charge may be available for large orders measured by weight. This is normally for a minimum of 1000 grams per item.
We don't offer free shipping for custom orders.

We have two accepted payment types.

Direct wire transfer to our bank.

NOTE: Payments by this method must be received in full. We are not responsible for shortages due to intermediary bank fees.


We can accept PayPal and PayPal credit card payments. If you wish to use PayPal for payment there is a 6% surcharge due to the PayPal cross border and exchange rate fees. For smaller orders this is normally cheaper than paying the transfer fee at the bank and the easiest way to pay.

A deposit may be required to get started as well as for the first production runs.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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3D Jewelry Design 3D Jewelry Designs Services
In the past, I love designing jewelry with pencil and paper and seem very traditional, but in silver jewelry business customers need more services, hand carving is limited, finally I bought Solidscape 3D wax printer and hire some computer designers to transfer my drawing. Service only for custom order customers.
Gemstones Set on My Silver Jewelry
All the gemstones I use are real and of high quality. The only synthetic stones I use are Cubic Zirconium (CZ) which does not exist in a natural state. We import our gemstones from Bangkok, Thailand and Hongkong.

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