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The strength of Indonesian designs is the pattern which can found in every Indonesian culture like Bali and Sumatra. This simple pattern I found in Sumatra. Toba is the name of the lake in Sumatra. In the middle of the lake there is a small island called Samosir. Design idea: a yellow color indicates the island in the middle of the lake. Random mark is beautiful rocks. Yes that's why my designs are very varied due to I live in archipelago of pattern.

Pencil on 120 grams old paper. Edit with Toon Boom!


All thing interesting me to draw what I seen anywhere. In the past I was bring paper and pencil, when android or ipad still in concepts. But since there is samsung note, it was replaces my paper and pencil. These scratches drawn using samsung note. I have thousand designs idea.

I was very happy with plain style, jewel designs is dominated by the great people in the industry, for me too much money to investasi. Even if I have a combination of gems, its only affects you that I also have silversmiths who can install the gems. But my favorite is the style like this kind, stupid style but with very high quality. Casted with silver imported from Poland and the best alloy I have ever found imported from Italy.

Regarding alloy, I met an Italian who produces alloy. His family had for centuries and several generations have producing the best alloy I have ever met.

broken cage
at asmat furniture store
old soldier helmet
broken baby swing
at my children school
my doughter hangig crafts
old iron railings
chinese lanterns
when I watching tv
my doughter drawing
the scarecrow in bali
something at my friend house
Jewelry designs from my ipad
contemporary line drawing contemporary line drawing contemporary line drawing contemporary line drawing
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3D Jewelry Design 3D Jewelry Designs Services
In the past, I love designing jewelry with pencil and paper and seem very traditional, but in silver jewelry business customers need more services, hand carving is limited, finally I bought Solidscape 3D wax printer and hire some computer designers to transfer my drawing. Service only for custom order customers.
Gemstones Set on My Silver Jewelry
All the gemstones I use are real and of high quality. The only synthetic stones I use are Cubic Zirconium (CZ) which does not exist in a natural state. We import our gemstones from Bangkok, Thailand and Hongkong.

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